WHAT IS CRYOLIPOLYSIS?There is now a new technology that offers to freeze away the fat of obese people and help them lose weight. This technology is based on the assumption that cold can induce lipolysis. Cryolipolysis is a novel method of controlled and localized skin cooling to freeze fat cells to death. With Cryolipolysis, the cold can breakdown areas of fat tissue by targeting adipocytes (fat cells) – once the adipocytes have shrunk or withered from the cold temps, they will eventually be metabolized by the lymphatic system.
WHAT IS THE SCIENCE OF CRYO IN LIPOLYSIS.1.This is a non-invasive procedure. It is more effective in areas that have a lot of fat.2.It cools the fat cells to trigger lipolysis or breakdown of fat, and will eventually be metabolized by the lymphatic system.3.There is no damage to other tissue types.4.It causes the death of the Apoptosis fat cells.5.A natural biological inflammatory process removes dead fat cells over time and causes a reduction in the fat layer.6.It is a safe procedure that reduces fat tissue near nerves, muscle and bones.
WHEN DO YOU BEGIN TO SEE THE RESULTS?We get results in the body modeling from the first session and visibly noticeable after the two. The treatment consists between 5 to 8 optimum treatment approximately depending on the location and thickness of the adipose. Treatment once a month.

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How does CRYO-RADIOFREQUENCY work?It begins with ( -) minus 10 degrees from the head to the dermis ; while this same multi polar greatly increased when the internal temperature this causes a collision is generated within the skin external cold combination with the internal heat. So it produces a “ SHOCK HEAT “ , generating an instant skin tightening . This shock has a detoxifying effect by increasing the oxygenation of tissues to produce dilation of the vessels supplying the skin. It works by emitting radio frequency when the polesare at subzero temperatures which creates the hot-cold effect. Thiscauses contraction of the tissue and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Thus, patients obtain the INSTANT LIFTING EFFECT non invasively . This machine delivers more energy than any other by working with freezing temperatures to allow a controlled treatment.These advances developed by BODY HEALTH give patients safe and effective immediate results .

The new Body/Facial head has 3 different technologies that deliver upto 1050 watts:MULTIPOLAR with 6 probes that cross eachotherMONOPOLAR with the central probe .CRYOGENIC SYSTEM generates less than 0 temperaturas throughoutthe treatment

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